An increasing number of designers are adopting new methods of production to create products that are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. The same is happening in the field of lighting, where different types of lighting fixtures are being created, using recyclable biopolymers and other post-consumer materials.

Below you will read about some companies that produce eco-friendly lighting fixtures by transforming simple materials into stunning products.

The Bay Areabased lighting company has made its name by taking a hard look at the outdated systems of traditional manufacturing and running in the opposite direction. Its 3D-printed fixtures—from designer Sam Gwilt’s moonlike Weight table light to Louis Filosa’s quirky Cantilever floor lamp—are made using a recyclable material derived from corn and sugarcane. On-demand production eliminates unnecessary waste.

David Trubridge A deep connection to nature defines David Trubridge’s design philosophy. The shape of each fixture is inspired by organic phenomena—snowflakes, microscopic diatoms in the oceanic food chain, feather patterns of the Tui bird—and pieces are also made using sustainable bamboo and shipped as a flat kitset to be assembled by the buyer, thereby reducing packaging needs.

GraypantsRecycled corrugated cardboard becomes ethereal in the hands of Graypants’ talented team. This humble, postconsumer material is the foundation of the Seattle-based studio’s flagship Scraplights collection of pendants and table lamps, which are fashioned to evoke organic forms like ocean-worn beach pebbles or delicate birds’ nests. The brand’s whimsical Wick candlestick channels the romance of a bygone era.

LZFThe Spanish studio LZF established a new lighting style in 1998 with the twisted Nut pendant, in which delicate swoops of steamed wood veneer are woven to look like fabric. Since 2012, the company has worked exclusively with responsibly sourced, FSC-certified plywood. Packaging is made from recycled cardboard, and biodegradable bags are used to protect each lamp from scratches during shipping.

Danielle TrofeSustainability is at the core of Danielle Trofe’s work, which takes a scientific approach to product design by involving collaboration from biologists to “grow” light shades from a mushroom-based compound. The boundary-pushing MushLume collection includes the shapely Trumpet pendant and cascading Stagger chandelier—all crafted from mushroom mycelium combined with other postharvest, organic material like corn stalks and seed husks. Each shade is completely biodegradable, so at the end of its life, you can add it to your garden soil to grow something new.

These lighting companies embody the growing trend of sustainable design products where aesthetics and environmental responsibility come together. Choosing eco-friendly lighting fixtures helps the environment while adding stylish and eco-conscious elements to your home.