Lighting as a field creates new trends year after year, and it appears that 2023 will create some new trends for technical lighting. Mini magnetic track lights, flexible wall washers, spotlights with adjustable lighting angles, remote control lighting fixtures, and other items are included in the new catalogs.

You can learn more about some of these new technological products in the article below:

Flexible Wall Washer

Wall washers, which can be installed on facades, entrances, corridors, artworks, and so on, illuminate the surface uniformly to highlight details. The diffused lighting in the space creates a very warm atmosphere. Flexible wall washers (the new updated versions) have Ip65 protection against water and dust, as well as a lifespan of up to 80,000 working hours. It comes with a 5-year warranty and 10 dimming levels that can be easily controlled via Bluetooth. Since it can bend to match the project, this product is more adaptable than standard wall washers.

New models of magnetic track lights

Magnetic tracks are one of the best ways to light projects for both home and business because they are flexible, practical, and long-lasting, and are widely regarded as the most important lighting product in recent years. Magnetic tracks now come in a variety of dimensions, colors, and spotlight designs. The magnetic rail can be customized in a variety of different shades, but the favorites that have stood the test of time are still black and white color. If you do not want to use gypsum in your project or do not like it, this product is also available in an external version, and both typologies can create arched shapes. The magnetic rail is now offered in a smaller size as a particular feature of 2023, with a channel width of 2.3 cm, a very minimalist design, and effective illumination. All you need is a little creativity ;).

LED Flex

LED Flex is one of the professional linear lighting products that can take the shape needed by the project due to its flexibility. This product is also water resistant, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Compared to traditional lighting, LED Flex has several advantages related to longevity, high resistance, maintenance, and ease of use. It is available in Vitalux in 360-degree or square versions, with warm or RGB lighting.

‘Create your spotlight’

New recessed or surface mounting spotlight options have been introduced in the new 2023 catalogs, resulting in models that can create a variety of variants from a wide range of options. Recessed spotlights can be adjustable or non-adjustable, with case colors ranging from gold to silver to black or white, as well as lamp type and light reflection. Surface mounting spotlights are available in a variety of unique design and can be installed in a variety of ways. Recent trends appear to be closely related to functionality.

Spike Garden Lights


Outdoor lighting adds value to your garden by emphasizing the elements of the space. Some new products added to the 2023 catalogue have the added benefit of being able to be used in projects near the sea without being corroded by salt or sand. You can now find it in several versions, depending on whether you want an illuminator that blends in with the landscape or one that is visible but aesthetically pleasing to add to the decor in your garden. Furthermore, some of the models can be adjusted.

The most recent trends in technical lighting appear to be closely related to functionality. Products that are simple to use, need little maintenance, and last a long time. All the products above you can find them at Vitalux. All of the products mentioned above are available at Vitalux. Come pay us a visit. 😉