American photographer Aaron Rose quoted: “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” Nothing could have better accentuated the importance of right lighting for a retail store than the Rose’s quote. The most important thing to remember is that the lighting needs to match with the brand identity. A very good example of a retail store is ‘Pinko’


To begin with here are some reasons why lightning is important in a retail store:

  • Lure customers to a store Lead customers through a store
  • Help draw attention to particular sections or products that the retailer wants the customer to take notice of
  • Accentuate key attributes of the merchandise on display
  • Bring in a positive change in the customers mood – bright light can have a very positive effect on a customer’s shopping decision
  • Influence sale by conveying to the customer that the store has truly invested in creating a favourable ambiance for shoppers to shop


We are very happy that ‘Pinko’ chose Vitalux to complement the lighting of the project using products such as:

Customized hanged LED profile

LED recessed profile and  LED strip

Recessed spot lighting

Magnetic track light combined with diffuser spots 

3-phase track rail with spots


Setting up a professional product.

One of the most unique and innovative products when lighting a retail store are LED profiles that can be customized into different shapes, sizes and colors. This professional hanging profile with Osram module installed in ‘Pinko’ provides perfect light diffusion and high lighting efficiency to cover the entire project space. It does not sparkle and the interesting “asymmetric” design goes perfectly with the rest of the inside.


Shelves lighting

Clothes shelves are the most important part of the project where the customers should focus their attention . LED strips or profiles are the most practical product which focuses attention and makes the products look as detailed as possible. Recessed spotlights also provide light without causing discomfort to the eyes. Another advantage of shelf lighting is that it facilitates service because the products are easier to find.

Pinko cover

Capture Attention with the Window Display

The window display is so important for shops. It’s what captures the attention and draws customers in off the street.  The three-phase track rail with spots as in the example of ‘Pinko’ helps in focusing the mannequins. The temperature of natural lighting with the highest CRI is ideal for business environments where, in addition to the illumination of details, it is also necessary to increase the productivity of the employees.


Magnetic rail with diffuser spots

The magnetic track lighting installed on the lower floor of the shop combined with scatter spots is a very good solution for a small space. Just like the professional suspended profile, the magnetic track with these types of stains offers uniform illumination and creates visual interest. This choice is also quite practical since the spots can be moved across the width of the rail if the light concentration needs to be changed from one place to another.

Besides finding  high quality products at Vitalux, you can also benefit from the lighting consulting that we as a company offer to illuminate your project in the most efficient way. We welcome you  at our store!