As a room where we spend our time either refreshing or relaxing, the right lighting is key to create the correct ambience. Aim for sufficient task lighting in the shower and vanity areas, plus ambient lighting around the bath and in alcoves and niches. The latest smart lighting controls allow pre-programmed settings. Look out for wireless lighting controls, which is installed without cables and can oversee thermostats, security and audio, if desired.

The best lighting schemes rely on light coming from several different sources to create a relaxed and rounded scheme, but one that is functional too. Try to include the three main types of light – which are ambient, task and accent lighting.

Focus lighting around the mirror

A well-lit bathroom mirror is essential so you can see what you’re doing properly, whether putting on make-up, brushing teeth or shaving. Avoid placing ceiling lighting directly above and in front of the mirror which can create glare and cast unflattering shadows. If your bathroom mirror idea is centred above the sink, position light fittings on either side of the mirror at eye level and as close to your face as possible, which will give a more flattering, even glow. Mimic the effect of natural light at a bathroom mirror, by opting for bulbs that offer clear, bright light that won’t appear yellow or dull. One of the latest trends are mirrors which work as a 2 in 1 product as they also have led lighting and touch screen.

Make night time visits easier

Navigating the bathroom in the middle of the night can be tricky when you’re trying not to wake up the rest of the family. Skirt the issue by installing motion-sensitive lights that have a passive infrared sensor that turns them on automatically when you enter the bathroom. That way you won’t be left fumbling around for the switch whenever you visit the bathroom after dark. To help you choose the right bathroom lighting, think about who is going to be using the space. If it’s a children’s bathroom, you might want motion-sensitive lighting that switches on and off by itself.

Recessed Lights

When it comes to overhead shower lighting, recessed lights are best, but they must be designed for use in wet and damp environments. Recessed lights sit flush to the ceiling which ensures damp does not build up and attract mould and they are easy to wipe over and keep clean.Safety is key in a shower area, with the ceiling height dictating what grade of lighting is safe. Generally speaking, IP65 rating lights are suitable, but your electrician will be able to advise.

Toilets without windows

If you are dealing with a toilet which does not have a window, then there should be a bigger amount of light and also the  level of IP must be taken into consideration. Toilets without windows create more steam and therefore the suggested products would need to have IP 65. Also lighting levels would be very important.

Below are some of the many models of toilet lighting that Vitalux has, so you can get a better idea of what they look like: