After a long day, nothing is as rewarding as reading a nice book or magazine. At this time of year as well, your children should concentrate on their textbooks and homework. The kind of light you read directly affects whether the experience is relaxing or not.

But how do we select the right light to improve our reading experience?

The lighting angle should focus directly on the book to provide the right light so your eyes don’t get tired. Furthermore, our suggestion would be a light oriented to command according to your needs and to illuminate the space you need. Another factor to consider is the lighting temperature. Warm lighting can offer you a relaxing experience if you want to read a novel in your bed because it doesn’t injure your eyes and creates a soothing atmosphere. While cold lighting would be more suitable when reading for exams or work documents as it increases concentration and productivity. You should also consider where you enjoy reading more. Do you read in bed? Or do you prefer to relax on your couch? Perhaps you like to sit in your office? Each of these options comes with a variety of lighting options.

At Vitalux you will find these reading lighting options:



If you like to read in bed, there are a number of lighting variations to place at the head of the bed, which are very useful for reading. A choice that also saves space in a project would be installing wall lights with adjustable spots. In addition to lighting, you can find some models with USB or wireless phone charging option, in different shapes, styles and colors to fully suit your bedroom.


If you like to read in the living room in your cozy corner, a classic floor lamp is the ideal suggestion for you. You can find adjusable lights and lights with a wide beam angle that can fully illuminate the area where your couch or chair is located.


If you love reading on your desk, a table lamp is an essential. At Vitalux you will find models of table lamps with batteries as they are practical and can be taken anywhere, table lamps with USB and Wireless charging options or table lamps with several types of controllable lighting.