Lighting not only serves to illuminate a space but also to complete a interior design project. From floor lamps to hanging lamps, there are a variety of ideas on how you can illuminate a room. Below you will find some ideas on how you can choose the right lighting for your children’s room based on their age ranging from babies to teens.

Some advice :

• If your bedroom is short on space, opt for a smaller floor lamp or table lamp to keep the room from feeling too cluttered. If you have extra room, don’t be afraid to choose a hanging pendant, floor lamp or even a table lamp or two.

• For an average 8-foot high ceiling, hanging pendants should be hung about 12 to 20 inches from the ceiling. As a general rule, smaller pendant lights can be hung lower, while larger lights should be hung higher.

• A table lamp not only lights up a room, but it also doubles as a piece of room decor.

Nursery Lighting

If you have to illuminate a nursery room then you should be very careful. The number one thing to remember when lighting a nursery is to avoid harsh lighting. Harsh lights can overstimulate, or possibly harm, your baby’s sensitive, developing eyes. Soft lighting minimizes the contrast of light and dark and lets your child’s eyes rest. Also, installing a light dimmer can help create different atmospheres in the room for playing, nursing, and sleeping as well as make those late-night feeding and diaper changing sessions a lot easier.

Kids’ Bedroom

The most important lighting consideration for your child’s room is safety. You should avoid breakable materials like glass helps avoid any unfortunate disasters. Night lights can keep certain areas of your home illuminated for safety purposes. Kids have a tendency to not stay in one place, so keep a plugin night light by the stairs for any late-night, rogue wanderings. The ceiling lights in your child’s room should add to the aesthetic of the space. Play into a theme with lights like hanging drums or add style with this elegant wood bead chandelier.

Teenagers Bedroom
When lighting a teenager’s room, it is important to think about what kind of lighting will best serve their needs. Consider how much your teen studies and watches TV, along with any other activities they like to do in their own space. Desks or other areas where your teen will do an activity require task lights often in the form of table or floor lamps. Floor Lamps can also be great for illuminating dark corners or lounge areas for reading or writing. Table lighting can second as decorative accents that add personality to the space.Add layers of light fixtures that they can adjust to their liking, such as recessed lighting, an eye-catching chandelier, and table lamps. Consider hanging lights on each side of the bed to serve as great bedside lights without taking up space on the nightstand.