I believe you have heard the expression “lighting like a pharmacy”, perhaps because what personifies a pharmacy is purity and clarity and of course the main element to achieve this is lighting.

Illumination is important for a pharmacy as it affects a customer’s experience, highlighs products or creates a certain atmosphere in the store. Lighting also has the ability to reinforce your brand identity. Having a good enlightenment creates a welcoming feeling in customers and conveys a positive shopping experience.

But what is the basic rule  of lighting  a pharmacy? How can you make the right choice from a variety of products?

 LED technology

Since the early 1900s, when fluorescent lighting was first introduced, it’s grown to become ubiquitous for use in all types of retail environments as well as in offices, schools, hospitals and more. Their advantages include being cooler and more energy efficient than incandescent lights. Their disadvantages, however, are many. The light they produce is unnaturally sterile-looking, which may be fine for hospitals and clinics but not so attractive in a retail pharmacy setting. The tubes also contain mercury, which makes their disposal harmful to the environment when not done properly.

LED (light emitting diode) lighting, which has recently become much more affordable due to vastly improved manufacturing techniques, is by far the most “green” form of illumination. It will save you money on your electric bill and also your maintenance costs since LEDs have an incredibly long operational lifespan. They produce very little heat, minimal infrared and nearly zero UV emissions. Their light is focused in a single direction, allowing it to be directed toward a specific area or location. They’re also easily dimmable, allowing for the ability to create different moods in different sections of your store.


One of the best Vitalux projects in refering to  pharmacies is “FarmaBlend” located in Elbasan city. We are very happy that they have chosen us to do the lighting of all their stores with the highest quality products.

The products selected for illumination of the three pharmacies “FarmaBlend” are:

  • Linear Suspension Light
  • Track lighting with spots
  • Reccessed SpotLighting
  • LED strip
  • Reccesed Linear Light
  • LED Panel


Vitalux’s recommendation for pharmacies is high quality lighting that offers light purity. “FarmaBlend” has chosen reccessed, ceiling and hanging lights as it is the product that completes both of these conditions. Reccessed spotslights also complement the lighting at the main highlights of the project.

Track lighting with spots are a practical choice as they can be adjused to the desired angle and “serve” the showcase best. By reflecting a quality light the products look better and the clarity enables the reading of the characteristics of the medicines.

While Led panels complement the lighting evenly so that no corner is left unlit. Led technology makes the environment healthier for both customers and employees.

It is essential to understand and know how to get the most out of light in order to make your project unique to clients but also a fun place to work.