There are some details that make a difference in a project, and if you would  ask an architect they could mention elements like a designed ceiling, a beautiful fireplace or paintings. But if you ask a lighting architect the illumination of the stairs would make a huge difference for good. Besides the  practical function imagine how beautiful the stairs would look. On the other hand, the lighting of the stairs would increase the security of the external or the internal space.

What can we suggest?

#1. LED strip

Under stair lighting using LED strip  is a matter of finding the right length and type of tape light you want, wiring it all together, while simultaneously hiding the cables and power sources. There are two main methods to açomplish this task: the first (and easiest) is to use a single run of lights. This is also the most common type of application you’ll see. A linear strip of LED lights is installed on the staircase wall, illuminating from the side. Tape light have a peel-and-stick backing, but you can also use small silicone brackets or channels to secure the lights, depending on the desired aesthetic. Interconnection cables or pin connectors can be used if you need a gap or if you have an odd length of strip light.

#2. Staircases or Wall Lights

If you are looking for a slightly more “dramatic” effect, wall lights or staircases are the right suggestion. In addition to illumination, these types of lights also create beautiful effects on the wall. One of the benefits of LED luminaires is the fact that they can be dimmed by allowing you to lower or increase the light as you wish. A  lower light can give you a softer look, while high light helps you a lot during the evening hours.

#3.Add different levels of lighting

Another way to complete the stair lighting can be to set different levels of illumination. An interesting combination would be the using stair lights and a hanging or wall luminaire in the same space. Another idea would be to place the same lights  on the stairs and on the wall. These methods can highlight also the stair material.


And if you do not like these ideas another option would be to instal a pendant which can be hung on the entire length of the stairs. Both classic and modern models would look quite “IN”

#5.Outdoor Lighting

In the outdoor space using stair lights is very necessary for security reasons. Illuminators should contain  IP for protection against water and dust. Trends  of lighting give you an infinite choice of models from different styles. With this elements you will have a functional, safe and aesthetic garden.