You have a new project and are looking for ideas on how to light it up? Check out the 2022-2023 lighting trends below 😉 .

Pendants with natural materials

It is no surprise that lighting trends for the new season will continue to focus on lighting fixtures made with natural materials, as they have in previous seasons. In addition to illuminators with materials such as wood, bamboo, leather, etc. that have been present, those made with twine, ropes, and paper have already been added. In contrast to previous years, the new innovations include illuminators with irregular shapes.

Luminaires in a “bubble” shape

Luminaires that look like “bubbles” or otherwise with spherical shapes combined with each other are a trend that has returned strongly this year. These types of fixtures create a warm atmosphere and add curved lines to your project. a modern “touch” for the environment while remaining true to the traditional style

Transparent lamps

This year, transparent glass lamps with exposed bulbs will be everywhere. This is an excellent suggestion for minimalist fans. Transparent lamps come this season with a variety of shapes, both regular and irregular, combined with an element such as gold color on the part of the rosette. suitable for any type of environment, but especially in the kitchen area.

Industrial lighting

The industrial style of lighting continues to be widely used both for lighting homes and also for restaurants, bars, and office spaces. In addition to the choice between steel or copper lighting, this year the industrial style offers the innovation of colors. You can find industrial lamps this season in black, gold, rose gold, and gray.

Luminaires with bold patterns and designs

Colorful lights or those with “bold” shapes and designs are being considered as a key trend in 2023. A light fixture that is artistic and bold in appearance attracts attention even when it is turned off. Large pendant lights in the form of jewels or with elaborate designs would totally change your project. Luminaires with detailed designs or pearl-shaped glass are suggested.