In the best wellness and spa areas, an unmistakable climate of total peace and relaxation reigns. These sensations outline the sensory and perceptive profile of these particular environments dedicated to comfort and well-being. As you well know, to emphasize the concept of spa and wellness areas and also instill a relaxing and intimate atmosphere, it is important to create an ad hoc luminous choreography that is captivating and functional to the spaces.

Below you will find some useful tips on choosing the ideal solutions for your project and their correct positioning in the various focal areas. Some tips for creating a relaxing atmosphere in wellness and spa areas through lighting. Your main goal should be to make guests feel completely comfortable right away.


Below are some useful tips designed to help you instill a relaxing atmosphere in spa and wellness areas through lighting:

  • Don’t add too many lighting fixtures 
  • Give the relaxation areas soft, indirect brightness 
  • Use reflective lights in the showers 
  • Choose low-intensity lights for the massage room
  • Corridors and walkways: guide guests with the lights 

To create a concrete idea, we have as an example the ‘Golden Spa Relax’ project , which has installed products such as LED strips, profiles, recessed spots and panels in the project.


 Don’t add too many lighting fixtures. As they say: quality not quantity. In a spa or wellness center’s lighting design, the most common mistake is adding too many lighting fixtures that diffuse an excessive amount of light.In addition to making the final visual effect intense, it interferes with the main objective of a wellness and spa area: to ensure total relaxation and comfort for the customer. In ‘Golden Spa’ pendant lights are installed only in the entrance area, and this makes the environment welcoming, comfortable and makes guests feel more relaxed. While the rest of the project is based mainly on reccesed products.


Corridors and walkways

Corridors and walkways: guide guests with the lights.Along the corridors, the light should help guests. “Golden Spa” has recessed LED profiles which are formed according to the directions that can be taken in the center. As for the part of the relaxation areas such as the sauna or the massage room, the lighting of the corridor is done with recessed  spots. In order to highlight the details without adding distraction for the eyes, an LED strip and mural lighting has been installed in the part of the statues.


Massage room

The massage room is an oasis of relaxation, so the choice of lighting should be very careful. For this room, the best advice would be to use warm, low-intensity LED lighting. It is important for customers to feel comfortable, so we recommend products that can be dimmed. In this way massage professionals can command the atmosphere they want to create. In ‘Golden Spa’,  an LED strip is used, the light intensity of which is lowered and raised by means of control panels and minispots to highlight details such as paintings.


Relax Room

This specific area is used for small breaks where customers relax by resting on comfortable beds. This is one of the reasons why we advise you to choose products such as Led RGB strips that you can use the control to set the colors you want to adapt to the treatment the client will receive.


Showers, Sauna, Hammam, etc

Inside the showers, the lighting fixtures must have a higher degree of IP protection.

Therefore, if it is not possible to obtain indirect light, we advise you to opt for adjustable light sources—such as wall lights—that allow you to direct the streams of light towards. 

Our advice would be to install hermetic spots that also have a changeable bulb that you can choose the lighting temperature as you wish. Another suggested product is the IP 67 LED strip that can be installed in steamy places like saunas.

By choosing the right products you will give identity to your business, aesthetics to the project and the essence of relaxation that a spa should convey in any area.