Want to decorate your home with Led strip lights?

LED strip light technology has been around for decades now. What used to be for holiday decoration has found its place in our personal spaces at home. Not only does it come in different varieties, but it also has some unique uses.

From your outdoor spaces to anywhere in your home, LED Strip Lighting is a versatile option. Get that modern and stylish look with LED strip lights.

Here are some ideas and tips on where to best place them:



Using LED strips in the kitchen is one way to add a modern atmosphere to your space. Depending on what you’re going for, you can choose different LED tones. They range from warmer or yellow-toned strips to white and cooler LEDs.

If you’re looking to get creative, try the vibrant and colourful ones. Install them under your kitchen cabinetry, seats, and benches. Kitchen LED lights are more than aesthetics.

They also give you extra lighting while preparing food and meals. Keep on at night to give you ample lighting when you find your way into your kitchen. You don’t have to stumble in the dark while rummaging for a snack or two.


Patio or Deck

Outdoor gatherings are once more increasing in popularity as the world opens up. What better way to show off your patio or deck than by incorporating some fun LED lights. They’re great showpieces that serve a purpose.

It gives your outdoor space a warm glow or party-ready vibe. It all depends on the lighting of your choice and how you use it. Try installing them along the banisters and railings or on the trims of your soffits.


Lounge Room

Your lounge room is a space where you, your family, and your loved ones gather. Impress them with some of the best LED strip lights. Strategically install them, like on your overhead bulkheads and TV cabinets.

Doing so will give off a stylish glow. If you want a more modern inspired space, opt for the fun colour-changing strips. Updating your space doesn’t always mean changing or replacing your current lighting fixtures.

LED strip lighting adds a subtle flair to your lounge room without being too overbearing. They’re an excellent choice in lighting up the darker corners of your room. They’re also great for accenting and emphasizing.



The garage is more than a storage space – some also use it as a workspace for handiwork. Make sure you have ample lighting by adding some LED strip lights in some of the dimly lit parts of your garage. This prevents both accidents and you from losing a tool or two.



The rise of social media has brought on the influx of iconic bathroom selfies and videos. How many times have you seen a post and coveted their personal bathroom oasis? Don’t worry; you can also update your outdated bathroom with the simplest fix – LED lights.

You don’t need a major reno to make your bathroom look chicer. Try out adding some LED strip lighting behind mirrors and shower nooks. The extra lighting they provide is perfect for your next lit mirror selfie.

It also helps that LED strip lighting gives you an idea of what your OOTD would look like in the pub or a club. There’s no shame in trying to look your best – do so with LED strip lights in your bathroom.




Give your stairways a more futuristic and contemporary look with LED strip lighting. They are minimal and sleek, so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way. It also makes their installation process a breeze.

Get that reflective illumination without looking too flashy. Place them under handrails and stairs. Making them perfect for adding a more inviting glow to your hallways.



LED light strips for room personalisation is another way to incorporate them at home. It’s a trendy look, too, as seen in many TikTok videos. This works especially well if your children are looking to revamp their spaces.

You don’t need to spend time repainting a room. You only need to choose an LED strip lighting in a colour they love.

What’s great about it is that it’s multipurpose. Not only do you get to add some pizzazz to a room, but it also serves as impressive lighting.

Elevating the look of the spaces in your home is easy. LED strip lighting is affordable, versatile, and looks incredible.

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