Black Diamond Hotel is one of the most interesting places in Tirana. Located in the heart of the city just a few minutes away from Skanderbeg Square this hotel has a bar, 4 star rooms, swimming pool, gym, spa, sauna, massage room etc. so in other words  everything you need to enjoy your stay in the capital. One of the most important and strong elements of Black Diamond Hotel is defenitly lighting.

To begin with why is lighting so  important for a hotel?

  • Hotels organize several types of events from business meetings to weddings, that’s why they have to adapt different lighting levels in different areas. Starting from a variety of colors that we can benefit from the Led RGB strip to the dimmable lights, the hotel should be adapted to the needs of the client according to the event they want to organize.
  • Proper lighting can make a huge difference in the experience of someone staying in the hotel room
  • Creates the relaxing atmosphere required in various environments such as swimming pools or massage rooms and affects the psychology of clients
  • And the last one:lighting can highlight the most beautiful parts of the project

We are very happy that “Black Diamond Hotel” chosed Vitalux Company to do the lighting of its premises using products such as:

  • Hidden LED strip
  • Linear LED lighting
  • Exterior cylindrical spots with GU10 lamp
  • Pendants
  • Downlights

The conference room of the hotel is  illuminated by Led square profiles. High lighting efficiency and aesthetics make this option the ideal choice for work or conference environments. This type of illumination has a positive effect on the productivity and performance of those present and also looks  so beautifully adapted to the design of the environment.


In areas such as swimming pools or massage and salt rooms, the ideal lighting choice has been the Led RGB strip. Not  only because colors create an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy but also can make clients experience  lighting therapy. In addition  lighting also brings you health benefits.


For the bar and restaurant of Black Daimond there are different levels  of lighting such as cylindrical spots, Led strip and profiles to create the right effect at different hours of the day but also to highlight the best  features of the project and to outline them. “Pure” lighting, minimalist and aesthetic.

Have you ever heard that LIGHTING IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF ANY DESIG’’? It  seems like Black Diamond Hotel personifies this quote.