Whether it’s uniform or dedicated lighting, open or intimate, warm or cool temperature, it is the lighting that brings a hotel, restaurant, or spa center to life. A well-combined structure of space with lighting elements can guide visitors and help them form an impression about the surrounding environment. It is important to ensure that the lighting “welcomes” them properly.

To achieve this, here are some tips for lighting your hotel, restaurant, or other business:

Exterior lighting – A warm welcome

The first and most important impression of a business is created before entering, as clients see the hotel from a distance and as they approach it. The lighting of the fasade can help you create harmony with the architectural ambiance. Outdoor table lighting can create a more intimate atmosphere for each table, and don’t forget about scenic lighting. This type of lighting can be used to stimulate different effects in the outdoor environment, such as highlighting trees, water splashes, etc.

Interior lighting of the restaurant – Enhance the dining experience for customers

Good food, drinks, engaging conversation, and a pleasant environment are the key factors in enhancing the experience for guests in a special restaurant or hotel. You can decide on the menu, but we can assist you with the lighting part. Good visibility above the tables is crucial. Try to match the lighting design with the nature of your business and consider the appropriate amount of light to create the desired atmosphere. Good lighting on the tables, visibility of people, and intimate lighting are key elements to be considered.

Corridor lighting – A prestigious welcome deserving of your customers

Similar to an overture, the corridor presents the profile of a hotel and conveys the atmosphere to guests during their stay. Properly distributed lighting allows important areas, such as the lobby, to be emphasized through lighting orientation, while quieter areas where people sit and wait should be considered as more private zones with lower lighting levels.

Aesthetic and massage center lighting – Offering relaxation

In aesthetic or massage centers, whether they are standalone businesses or part of a hotel, clients prioritize relaxation, and the lighting of the premises should reflect this. When entering these spaces, clients should forget all their stress, and the lighting used should be gentle and calming. This can be achieved through diffused lighting. However, dedicated lighting can be used in specific areas to create contrasts. It’s better to use minimal and simple lighting and avoid overly decorative lighting, as it can become tiring or distracting for the eyes.

LED technology – Save energy

The best, efficient, and long-lasting lighting solution is LED technology. LED lights are healthier, avoid harmful elements for the body, and do not pollute the environment.

Controllable lighting options – Creating the desired atmosphere

Scenographic lighting in gastronomy uses a coherent dramatization to provide customers with an experience that engages all their senses. Lighting, space, and time are combined with culinary delights to create an all-encompassing concept. A flexibly controlled lighting system ensures that scenographic lighting effects are easy to create. Scenographic or controllable lighting is used in gastronomy to create a “dramatic effect” to stimulate all the senses of customers. Lighting, space, and gastronomy are mixed together to create a comprehensive experience. It also allows for flexibility. Controllable lighting options are connected to raising and lowering the light, changing colors in the case of RGB usage, incorporated sensors, scenographic lighting for effects, etc.

Source: https://www.erco.com/