The noun, curiosity, is the desire to learn or know about something. In today’s blog post, we will be looking at lighting items that are strange and have a curious appeal. For instance, turn of the century pieces are objects of curiosity as they are somewhat hard to come by, making them desirable to a particular, niche audience.

If you like vintage objects, including lighting, you have come to the right place. Below we will look at the most curious lighting pieces inspired by early twentieth century lamps that would have been popular amongst homes.

1. The Bake Me A Cake Table Lamp

This quirky table lamp is perfect for baking enthusiasts or even for your kitchen! Created by Northern Lighting, the table lamp’s base is made from oak with the glass dome top smoke tinted. Simply lift the glass dome top to change light bulbs! The Bake Me A Cake Table Lamp is a real head turner especially when you read the manufacturing story – manufactured by Norwegian prison inmates through a unique collaboration with Morten & Jonas (designers), the Norwegian correctional services and Northern Lighting. Very curious indeed! You can get your hands on this table lamp for £339.00.

2. Muuto’s Cosy in Grey Table Lamp

Here is another curious, transparent table lamp created by designer, Harri Koskinen, for the Scandinavian brand, Muuto. The lamp is made from mouth-blown, transparent grey glass fitted with a textile cord. The table lamp is as is, featuring a visible lamp holder in the centre and cord. It is ideal for dimmable bulbs. It costs £175.00.

3. Muffin Upside Down Ceiling Light

Designed in the Czech Republic by Dan Yeffett and Lucie Koldova is this gorgeous curiosity ceiling lamp takes a more modern approach as it features amber coloured, ‘cognac’, blown glass with an oak light bulb holder. The muffin lamp evokes the shape of our favourite tea time treat. This ceiling lamp is ideal for those who like the vintage, industrial look but want a more up-to-date pendant fixture to warm up any room. It costs £722.00.

4.Eichholtz Sargent Table Lamp

Triple the curiosity with this large, dome shaped table lamp resting on a decorative plinth allowing you to put three, exposed light bulbs inside. Ideal for any curious room – it will certainly get people talking! As illustrated in the above photo, it will suit a range of different shaped light bulbs- from globes, to pear shapes, to long tubes, the possibilities within this table lamp are endless! Get the vintage look and add Eichholtz to your home by purchasing it for £240.00.

5. Bronze 90 Degree Wall Light

If you are looking for curiosity wall lights, then consider this light featuring a cage and glass dome, this Bronze 90 Degree Wall Light houses a single light bulb and is great for lighting up the most darkest of spaces including porches, conservatories, doorways etc. This lamp gives the ultimate rugged feel to any interior and exterior space and you can get yours for £135.00.

6. Black & Brass Spider Style Ceiling Light

This brass chandelier takes curiosity and quirk to another level. Featuring 6 ‘legs’, this spider inspired ceiling light gives you the versatility of hanging a variety of different light bulbs from each of the legs. Why be ordinary and pick the same GLS bulb? Mix it up and add some pear shapes, tubes and globes! Whats more, each leg is adjustable so you can control the spread of the light. It costs £609.00.

What do you think? Would you buy any of them?